Intern Contract

This Intern Contract ("Contract") is executed between HealthONE d/b/a the Colorado Health Foundation ("TCHF"), a Colorado nonprofit corporation and ________, an individual ("Intern").


  1. TCHF is the sponsoring institution for a Transitional Year Internship accredited by the ACGME and affiliated with hospitals and outpatient clinics at HCA-HealthONE LLC.
  2. TCHF offers and Intern accepts appointment as an intern to the Transitional Year Program (the "Program") under the terms and conditions of this Contract.

NOW, THEREFORE, in consideration of the mutual promises contained herein, the parties hereby agree as follows:

  1. Term. The term of the Intern's appointment shall be from 7:00a.m. on June 23, 2014 to 7:00a.m. on June 23, 2015, unless earlier terminated as set forth below.
  2. Stipend and Benefits.

    2.1 For all of the services to be provided by the Intern under this Agreement, TCHF shall pay the Intern $51,850.00 annually (26 biweekly payrolls).

    2.2 TCHF shall provide the Intern with a list of all the benefits that will be provided to Intern by TCHF including, but not limited to, health insurance, dental insurance, and professional liability insurance. The professional liability insurance will include legal defense and protection against awards from claims reported or filed after completion of the Program if the alleged acts or omissions of Intern are within the scope of the Program.

    2.3 TCHF shall provide Intern with 21 days (3 seven day blocks) of vacation annually.

  3. TCHF agrees to the following responsibilities:

    3.1 Provide Intern with written policies and procedures regarding the following: (i) Intern's Responsibilities; (ii) Living Quarters, Meals, and Laundry; (iii) Conditions of Continuation; (iv) Grievance Procedures and Due Process; (v) Leave of Absence; (vi) Duty Hours; (vii) Moonlighting; (viii) Counseling, Medical and Psychological Support Services; (ix) Physician Impairment and Substance Abuse; (x) Mutual Respect and Harassment; and (xi) Internship Closure and/or Reduction.

    3.2 Present Intern with a certificate of intern training upon satisfactory completion of the program.

  4. Intern agrees to the following responsibilities:

    4.1 Serve during the entire Term of the Contract unless the Contract is earlier terminated pursuant to paragraph 5 below.

    4.2 Perform all duties assigned by TCHF to the best of Intern's ability, to maintain standards of professional competence as determined by TCHF, and to conduct himself/herself in a professional manner at all times.

    4.3 Observe all applicable rules, policies and regulations of TCHF and all hospitals and clinics to which the Intern is assigned during the term of the Program.

    4.4 Engage in only such activities of a professional nature as are approved by TCHF.

    4.5 Refrain from engaging or participating in activities which interfere with Intern's effective performance under this Agreement.

    4.6 Participate in safe, effective and compassionate patient care under supervision and commensurate with Intern's level of advancement and responsibility.

    4.7 Comply with pre-employment procedures including without limitation applicable health screening and Colorado licensure requirements prior to the beginning of the Term.

  5. Termination. TCHF reserves the right to terminate this Contract or take other action including temporary suspension if the Intern violates the terms of this Contract or if Intern's performance is unsatisfactory. If Intern is suspended, TCHF may withhold pay for the duration of the suspension.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, this Contract has been executed by the parties hereto, effective as of the date of execution by the Senior Medical Education Officer of TCHF.


Name and Date


Glenn Levy
The Colorado Health Foundation

Jeffrey Pickard, M.D.
Program Director, Transitional Year Program