Program Policies

The Colorado Health Foundation Transitional Year Program
Policy for Stress Management

It is the intent of this Program to provide all Transitional Year residents with a high-quality educational experience while supporting their physical and emotional well-being. Despite best efforts, though, there are often stressful times during internships as physicians navigate the transition from student to provider.

While it is the Program's responsibility to ensure compliance with Duty Hours requirements and provide adequate time away from Program responsibilities, each intern should use their time away to get plenty of exercise and sleep and to balance personal and professional responsibilities to maintain emotional stability.

If an intern appears to be unduly stressed or inappropriately emotionally labile such that patient care may be compromised, they will be removed from the situation and the incident will be reported to the Transitional Year Program Director. After an appraisal of the situation, the Transitional Year Program Director will institute appropriate measures that may include counseling, a CPEP evaluation (Center for Personalized Education for Physicians), a voluntary or mandatory leave of absence or other options as deemed necessary by the Transitional Year Program Director, TYCC, CPEP examiner and/or other professionals involved.

If any intern feels that he/she is overly stressed, is having personal, professional or family problems or in any way believes they may be unable to safely care for patients or actively engage in learning, he/she should contact the Transitional Year Program Director immediately. Professional guidance to resolve the situation will be arranged.

This Program will provide education about stress management for interns and faculty throughout the year. Participants will be asked to acknowledge attendance and/or understanding. If there is any information that is not clear or where more education would be appreciated, please notify the Transitional Year Program Director.