Program Specifics

The transitional year at PSL consists of the following rotations:

Rotation Duration Call Comments
Medicine Wards/ ICU 5 months q4 Rotation at PSL; you will be working with medical Students and Residents from UCHSC
Emergency Medicine @ DHH 1 month None This rotation is at Denver Health and Hospitals. You will be working with Residents from the DHH E.R. program
1 Surgical Selective* 1 month None Rotations primarily at PSL
Business of Medicine 1 month None Exposure to Malpractice, Billing, Coding, Medicare/Medicaid, Managed Care, Community Service, Hospice, Contracting, Office Management, Expert Searches and more.
Ambulatory Care 1 month None Rotation at PSL
Critical Care 1 month None We offer a 1 month critical care rotation for all interns entering an anesthesiology residency
Selective 1 month None A predetermined elective choice related to and based upon the residency you've matched in after your TY year
Electives 2 months None Most medical and surgical subspecialties and community-based ER are options as well as research.

* For a surgical month, choose 1 month from the 3 following choices: Vascular, Orthopedics or Plastics.

† Vacations will be scheduled during your electives and selective (2 weeks) and the Business of Medicine rotation (1 week)

‡ Salary for the 2013-14 year is $51,084.00 and will be increased for 2014-15

Electives are tailored to you
We work closely with each intern to design a schedule that is best suited for that person. Once matched into the Program, individual recommendations will be made based on career choice and educational strength of the rotations available. Rotation schedules are then planned primarily based on expressed vacation choices of those who match in the Program and availability of electives.