Program Policies

The Colorado Health Foundation Transitional Year Program
Policy for Resident Fatigue/Sleep Deprivation

Patients should expect to have healthy, alert, responsible and responsive physicians providing their care. This is not possible if their physicians are unable to come to work well rested.

It is the expectation of this Program that all Transitional residents have enough time without clinical responsibilities to stay well-rested and will not be fatigued when on duty.

While it is the Program's responsibility to ensure compliance with Duty Hours requirements and provide adequate time away from Program responsibilities, it is each individual intern's responsibility to take advantage of time away to get enough exercise and sleep. If an intern appears to be too fatigued to work, he/she will be asked to go home. If/when this occurs, it will be reported to the Program Director who will conduct a review to determine why this occurred and how to prevent it from recurring.

If, in the normal course of a rotation, any intern feels that he/she is getting too fatigued to safely care for patients or actively engage in learning, he/she should contact the Transitional Year Program Director immediately. The plan will be to determine why this is occurring and collaboratively develop a remedial plan of correction, not to administer disciplinary action.

This Program will provide education dealing with resident fatigue/sleep deprivation for interns and faculty throughout the year. Participants will be asked to acknowledge attendance and/or understanding. If there is any information that is not clear or where more education would be appreciated, please notify the Transitional Year Program Director.